कृते मन्त्र-प्रयोगे वा त्रेतायां तन्त्र-साधने ।
द्वापारे व्यूहरचने शक्तिः संघे हि सा कलौ ॥

This Mantra seems to speak of शक्तिः, strength or rather how the strength will happen in different Yuga’s.

कृते मन्त्र-प्रयोगे वा = in kRuta-yuga Strength is gained by mantraa’s 
त्रेतायां तन्त्र-साधने = in Tretaa-yuga by techniques and technical equipment
द्वापारे व्यूहरचने = in Dwaapaara-yuga by strategies
शक्तिः संघे हि सा कलौ = in Kali-yuga by team-work.
I think Shri Raam is deity or incarnation of kRuta Yuga and ShrikRuShNa is deity or incarnation of dwaapaara-yuga. Which is the deity or incarnation of tretaaa-yuga, which is suposed to have elapsed after kRuta-yuga and before dwaapaara-yuga ?

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